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Try the entire bold hold line In sample size including;

  • The skin protects sample size
  • Lace remover sample size
  • 8 Bold Hold tapes

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About Each Product;

Bold Hold Active: The product does not contain latex. Bold Hold Active is ideal for those clients with excessively oily skin or for those clients that are extremely active on a routine basis. This adhesive performs well in high-temperature environments.

Skin Protect: This product creates a layer of protection, blocks sweat, and body oil. Bold Hold Skin Protect should be applied before the application of any adhesive. For those with sensitive skin, this product may not prevent all skin reactions from the adhesives.

Lace Remover: This product is lab tested and is skin safe. Bold Hold Remover is the best agent to be used to remove all Bold Hold Products. The remover should not be used near the mouth or the eye area.

Bold Hold Tape: This tape is well known for being easy on the skin. The Bold Hold Tape will yield a hold of 1-2 weeks if applied properly by a certified professional. Bold Hold Tape is a clear tape with low residue. The tape will perform similar to an adhesive with proper application.

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