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The Mauves Eyeshadow Palette

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The Mauves eyeshadow palette is ready to add the perfect pop of colour to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this iconic nude mauve eyeshadow palette–complete with mauves, deep mauvy purple, deep browns, and perfect pinky mauve hues–is a part of your everyday makeup and beauty routine, and take boring to totally outside the ordinary. Plus, it pairs perfectly with your favourite highlighter. How’s that for eye-catching?

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Part of an iconic new collection of 7 distinct on-the-go palettes, The Mauves palette contains some of our most highly requested shades in an unforgettable range for limitless potential. Perfect for a soft, natural look or a complete glam moment. Pairs well with The Sweet Pinks, The Berries  and The Nudes

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