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Hairstylists Are You Ready To Go Back To Work Post Covid 19?

4 things all hairstylists need to get together by 4th July to ensure your return to work is successful.

Insurance- This is KEY!!! you shouldn’t be working without liability insurance, lots of company like HISCOX and AXA offer insurance for stylists for as little as £150 a year 

PPE– You need to protect yourself and your clients, PPE is essential, face mask for you and your client, anti-bacteria wipes for surfaces and products, sanitizer for every client and limiting the number of people you see in a day. Furthermore, Amazon offers disinfection jar for your combs, brushes and more for less than £20

Barbicide Covid-19 Certification: This is a great way to show your clients you are serious, and you mean business and their health and safety is a priority. 

Customer Service: Last but never least – customer service! I cannot stress this enough customer service will keep your clients coming back. We are going into uncertain times and building a lasting relationship with your clients will ensure they keep coming back. 

 Good luck to all the hairstylists returning to work today (UK stylist) and makeup artists it would be your turn soon. 

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