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Honouring the Black Nail Tech- Scratch Magazine

Ruth Juma – RCJNails – home based – North London @rcjnails @shoprcjnails
Another new tech on the block, Ruth admits she did her first set of nails in January and booked her first official client in July this year after taking a New Skills Academy online course. Like many who end up as nail techs, I was tired of not being completely satisfied with the nails I was getting done at the salon,” laments Ruth. “I also wanted to save some money, although I ended up spending a whole lot more building my business! So, I went on YouTube and searched acrylic nails at home and fell down a rabbit hole. There are so many educational videos on how to do nails by amazing nail techs, that it fed my passion for nails. I’ve always loved nails but the more I learned, the more I loved it.

“My absolute favourites are Jhohannails, Miata Nailz, Joelyoceannails, ccbeautylab, Theenailembassy, deenailslayer and sydneyalexiiiss. Their work is so clean and perfect

“Since focusing on nails, I’m proud of how much I’ve improved since starting and proud of reaching 500+ followers. I’m excited to have started my own business and am selling cuticle oils and press on nails too. I’m grateful for every milestone I reach.

“My plan was to start my business in March. Coronavirus said ‘No’, so I practised to improve my skills during the lockdown. Now I’m open, business is slow, however, I feel as though it’s for the best as it reduces the risk to me, my family and my clients. The clients I have are the most loyal, kindest, sweetest souls; I’m so grateful for them.

“I wanted to footnote my piece by saying that honouring black nail techs means so much more than people realise. I see my fellow black nail techs get frustrated because their businesses are not taken seriously, whether they’re home or salon-based, under the stigma that they’re not professional. I see my fellow black nail techs being told they charge too much when they’re simply charging what they feel their talent and skill set is worth and personally a lot of them aren’t charging enough. I see my fellow black nail techs not recognised enough for all their hard work, professionalism, perfection, high hygiene standards and the range of skills they have and continue to learn. So, this is such an honour to be recognised for a skill many look down on.
“Thank you to Access Beauty, EATOW and Scratch magazine for this opportunity. And thank you to all the black nail techs that inspire, teach and motivate me.”


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