DreadyGirl is an Alternative Hairdressing service based in Brighton and London.

I deal with real natural dreadlocks and can make or repair dreadlocks on any type of hair. I can also extend dreadlocks on new or mature locks. I have had my own Dreadlocks for over 14 years and will we happy to help you with your dreads or give you advice on how to care for your Dreadlocks.

I use only a Crochet Hook – No wax or chemicals – No Interlocking.

I have a great range of Beads, Feathers, Wraps, Shells and other materials to decorate dreads as well.

If you are looking for something less permanent I also design and install Synthetic Temporary Dreadlocks – Ideal for a funky new look or to experiment in preparation for real dreads. They last around 3 months and are easily removed with no damage to your hair.

Synthetic dreads come in many colours and can be installed with a single colour or a variety of shades to add depth or contrast. Twisted candy cane colours are also available and are all custom made.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about colours or would like to arrange a free consultation.


Synthetic Dreadlocks – Cyber Locks – Temporary Dreadlocks – Wool Dreadlocks – Natural Dreadlocks – Organic Dreadlock






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