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    Samantha Mendez

    Totally been let down by this young girl!
    I contacted her on Tuesday for an appointment on Saturday, it took a while for her to confirm the appointment but after a few texts to her she said that she would come on Saturday at 5pm. We rushed home from a day out, washed my daughters hair to be ready for her hair appointment.
    At 4.55 (five minutes before my appointment) I received a text to say that she’s still with a client can she come on Monday evening!!!! It wouldn’t be so bad if she asked if she could come a little later! Most mature professional hairdressers telephone and not text to tell you that they are cancelling your appointment.
    My daughter started back at school on Monday and at the age of 4 she is very tired after school so that day would not be convenient for me so I said that I am happy for her to come after her over run appointment. She didn’t reply to me or return my calls to explain if this was ok. I am a new customer and feel that it’s such a shame that this business has been so unprofessional! I’m not trying to be malicious or anything I’m sure that she is good at what she does, I just think customer service and professionalism is very important especially in this current climate.

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