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Bold Hold Produtcs

We first started following The Hair Diagram because of her teaching and methods she used on Instagram. Then we saw THE BOLD HOLD. With the skills that we had already seen from The Hair Diagram, we wanted to know more.

Like you, we wanted to see if Bold Hold worked- or if it did at all work. We watched endless videos on YouTube and Instagram and seeing people like Anthony Cuts and Alonzo Arnold created an even bigger buzz around the product. A lot of people have a really good experience using Bold Hold.

“Does Bold Hold work?”

So when we heard that Tamika Gibson, the face behind The Hair Diagram, was going to do a tour in Europe her launch for Bold Hold we had to be part of it and know for sure!
The event went really well with an amazing turnout. Bold Hold products were available to purchase and it didn’t take long before it was gone.


The Bold Hold Range includes our Bold Hold Lace Wig Tape, Bold Hold Lace Remover, Bold Hold Skin Protect and Bold Hold Extreme Creme.

Since launching, many hairstylists including celebrity hairstylists are using Bold Hold to secure their wigs and hold down the frontal. The products have become a go-to for frontal wig slayage. It’s also available for you to use at home because it is easy and safe to use. Here are some of the things you guys have been saying about it:

For a while, you could only get your Bold Hold products on The Hair Diagram  but you can get your hands on them here at Access My Beauty

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