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Event: Get Pampered! Valentine special

Special Announcement!!

We are happy to announce our first event of the year!!

We have created this AMAZING opportunity for makeup artists and hairdressers to pamper their clients on one of the most romantic weeks of the year! We have limited chairs available to makeup artist and hairdressers. We have influences Lizzie Love, Bisi Akins and Rachel Bada attending. You could have a chance to do their hair or makeup and reach a wider audience.

The event is in London at The London Makeup School. It is a beautiful studio, providing a professional look for your brand when your clients arrive to when they check your Instagram. What’s even more exciting, we have influences coming down to treat themselves by getting their hair or and their makeup done!

Who is it for?

This event is dedicated to helping makeup artist and hairdressers to find a neutral setting which provides the essentials- lighting and space to set up so all you would need to do is, look after your clients while we take care of the rest (food, and photography).


If you are looking forward to Valentine’s day, or have a special occasion coming up in the year, why not do some window shopping? Drop by and see for yourself before you choose to book.
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What’s in it for you?

Things that customers find important are;

  • Timekeeping
  • Customer service
  • Your skills

We already know you have the last one but, what about the other two? On the day you will have assistance in managing booked clients, and a waiting room for early or last-minute booked clients. This allows you to be able to focus on the client in front of you but also help to improve your time management and customer happy.

We all know that in this business, image is everything! From your Instagram page to when people meet you. Attending will ensure that you cover all your basis covered- from online to offline.
With generous lighting provided by the studio and a brilliant photograph on Saturday 17th February, we will make sure to capture the day so you have images that you can share on your social platform. After all, it is the year of the come up- only for those ready. Are you?

The Get Pampered! Valentine special event is here to also get you out of your house, work alongside other creatives and share your journies and experiences. You don’t to feel alone on your come up!

Work Like a Pro Package
Chair Hire

– 7 hours use the studio and lightings space
– Receive 5 free professional images sent to via email
– Drinks and food provided throughout the day
– Goodie bag for you and all your clients
– Reach a wider audience with influences Lizzie Love @Lizzieloves.x, Bisi Akins @bisiakins and Rachel Bada @rachel_bada .

Find out more about our event and to buy tickets

We can’t wait to see you Saturday 17th February

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