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How To Apply & Remove Your Frontal With Got2B

Everybody knows that Got2b is the go-to for frontals. If you need your frontal looking natural but not raping your edges Got2b is the products, however, what stylist don’t tell you about this application is that it only last around 3-5 days before it starts lifting or looking dirty if you apply a lot of makeup or you wash your face twice a day like me. 
So as always we are here to help, we will share the quick and simple steps to replaying your frontal with Got2b and steps on how to remove your frontal safely.


Step 1: Apply a thin layer of Got2b ultra glued gel (the black one), about 1cm wide across your hairline

Step 2: Blow dry or leave for a few seconds to allow the product to get tacky, reapply another layer of the product and leave for a few seconds to allow the product to get tacky. 

Step 3: Place your frontal on the layer of chosen product and use a tail comb to gently press the lace against your forehead.

Step 4: With an old pair tights cut 1 leg off and tie around your head to secure, or a headscarf, leave for 10min.

Step 5: Allow to air dry or blow dry (Cold air)

Step 6: Style as desired

sounds easy right, so what do you do when the build-up of the gel starts to become visible or doesn’t hold down well. its best to remove and replay again, here are steps on how to remove your frontal safely. 

Step 1: For a sew-in or wigs, lift your lace slightly and fold back, 

Step 2: Apply warm water and baby shampoo (any brand) or laundry power on a towel

Step 3: Gently rub the frontal until it starts to lift, keep going until the frontalis completely off

Step 4: Once the frontal is off apply, warm water and baby shampoo (any brand) onto a soft toothbrush

Step 5: Gently rub the toothbrush on the areas of residual/makeup on the frontal

Step 6: Rinse with water, repeat steps if required. 

Remember only use Got2b gel application if you don’t want a stronghold if you’re looking for a longer lasting method you will need products like Bold Hold. We will share tips on how to apply this next week so stay tuned. 

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