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Event: A Look Back to Get Pampered Valentine’s Special

Our first event of the year, Get Pampered: Valentine’s Special took place 17th February 2018. We had makeup artists and hairdressers attend and glam up clients and special guests Lizzie Love, Bisi Akins and for Valentine’s weekend.

The idea was to create a space for MUAs (makeup artists) and hairdressers to provide a professional environment but also allow them to maximise their time and get more clients booked while we looked after the little things such as food, drink, and music. It was a great way to network but also learn from others in the room. We found out that one of the hairdressers created her own opportunity and will be collaborating with one of the influencers in the near future! This is exactly what we wanted to happen!

We had James doing our photography so the makeup artist and MUA had photos to share on their social media platforms. We’re so happy how everything all came together. It goes to show that opportunities are waiting for you. You just have to go out and get them!

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Comment below and let us know if you would love another event like this so you can get involved ??

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