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3 Ways To Get Re-posted on Instagram

Have you tagged or sent a direct message to a page to get reposted and for some reason, you don’t get reposted? Here we have quick and easy steps to follow to get posted on the @AccessMyBeauty Instagram page. This is first in the series of how you can build your brand up

1. No collage

Collages are amazing at showing multiple images, but Instagram has solved that problem! Use their sliding feature where you can add more than one photo (preferably up to 3) to show different angles of makeup or hairstyle done or, mix videos and photos in one post.

2. No heavy colour changing filters

We have come cross amazing videos of hair and makeup but, because the tint is too heavy, we can’t see the finished look. Adding a filter doesn’t give the realistic image of your creation. We want to see if you can match the foundation to the person or if that frontal is laid.

3. Don’t get lost in the crowd

Did you know Instagram no longer arranges your feed chronologically – newest one at the top and old further down the timeline? In fact, Instagram now posts the pages you frequently like or visit the most fill your feed. This means some of the people you are following, you haven’t come across their posts and they get lost in the Instagram universe. So always use the right hashtags and tag us so we can re-post you to get a larger exposure to reach potential clients

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