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Representation Matters: Project Embrace- #Afrovisibility

Project Embrace puts us, black women, on large billboards flaunting our natural hair unapologetically- ‘#Afrovisibility’. The images show a group of women from a diverse working background to celebrate afros with the slogan ‘Proud to be me.’

Have you guys seen these? It is definitely a rare thing to see, especially on such a large scale.





































































Project Embrace is a campaign to make afro and textured hair visible in advertising but also to celebrate real-life black women rocking their hair in natural styles. The campaign aims to empower and promote self-love.

The founder of Project Embrace, Lekia Lee said: “When you feel empowered, you can achieve anything. This is how we want black women and girls – and anyone else with curly hair, to feel after seeing our billboards. We want to inspire them to feel confident in the skin they are in and the hair that they wear.”

This remarkable but simple idea came from Lekia Lée when she found that the black women in media her daughter would see are those with straight hair.

You’ll be able to spot them in across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Newcastle, and Glasgow.

Find out people who were involved in the project at The Drum.

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